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Lecture series

In this series, we bring the seminar to you instead of you coming to the seminar. This is in direct response to requests from our EHRN members to have more seminars and webinars. Since Internet access and band width is a concern for many of our members, we decided to ask leading environmental health scientists and experts to contribute an environmental health 'hot topic' presentation to the Lecture Series and we will email it to all of our members every second month or so.

Limits to growth, planetary boundaries, planetary health and health-earth
by Adj Prof. Colin Butler, activist and academic

Burning incense in your home can be harmful for you
by Zamantimande Kunene, South African Medical Research Council

Overview of the Minamata Convention on Mercury and the requirements for the health sector
by Rico Europidou, groundWork

Elemental mercury use in South African traditional medicine
by Renee Street, South African Medical Research Council

Heatwave events and increasing temperatures in South Africa
by Katlego Ncongwane, South African Weather Service

Public Health Association of South Africa
by Dr Julia Moorman, Public Health Association of South Africa

Indoor and outdoor air pollution
by Dr Jonathan M. Links, Johns Hopkins University

A future vision for environmental health research and analyses in South Africa
by Dr Caradee Wright | Environment and Health Research Unit (SAMRC) and Department of Geography, Geoinformaticsand Meteorology (University of Pretoria)

Bioaerosols from composting: Challenges for monitoring and dispersion modelling
by Dr Enda Hayes | Associate Professor: Air Quality and Carbon Management, University of the West of England

Occupational exposure limits: Are we really protecting the health of workers?
by Prof. Johan L Du Plessis | Niche Area Leader: Occupational Hygiene and Health Research Initiative, North-West University

Epigenetics, environment and human health
by A. Karim Ahmed | National Council for Science and the Environment, Washington DC

The Journal Article: Publishing during your PhD
by Caradee Wright (PhD Public Health) | Talk given at the NRF PhD Conferences

Back to basics: environmental health concepts often confused
by Riëtha Oosthuizen | CSIR Climate Studies, Modelling and Environmental Health Research Group

A waste management best practice example by environmental health: South Africa
by Mike Agenbag | Cape Peninsula University of Technology

The environmental and health impacts of carbon emissions from active and abandoned coal mines in South Africa
by Archie Buthelezi | Mangosuthu University of Technology

Recommendations for the handling of fluorescent lamps in public schools in Johannesburg, South Africa
by Mr W Sibiza, Dr N Naicker, Prof. A Mathee and Prof. A Swart, South African Medical Research Council | University of Johannesburg

Identifying important life stages for monitoring and assessing risks from exposure to environmental contaminants: results of a WHO review
by Prof. Thea De Wet, University of Johannesburg

Vector control
by Mary Anne Groepe, World Health Organisation

Is Africa in the dark about seeing the light? Insights into global skin lightener use
by Lester Davids, University of Cape Town and Nina Jablonski, Pennsylvania State University

Atmospheric air pollution sampling - an overview of sampling techniques
by Koos Engelbrecht, Tshwane University of Technology

The health impact of vehicle emissions
by Abednego Baker, Department of Environmental Affairs

Abattoir environmental health
by Prof. Voster Muchenje, Department of Livestock and Pasture Science, University of Fort Hare

The crisis of tuberculosis and silicosis in the South African mining industry
by Prof. Rodney Ehrlich, Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health Research, University of Cape Town

Evaluating environmental health promotion interventions: the role of program theory
by Dr Brendon Barnes, University of the Witwatersrand

Ambient pollution, in-utero exposures and childhood lung disease
by Prof. Rajen Naidoo, Discipline of Occupational and Environmental Health, University of KwaZulu-Natal

The ongoing struggle to get lead out of paint in South Africa
by Prof. Angela Mathee, Head of the Medical Research Council's Environment & Health Research Unit