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Tools for Schools

Poster: Be SunSmart [PDF]
This poster offers quick guidelines on how to stay safe in the sun. If you would like an original full size poster, please email your request to Caradee Wright.

CANSA SunSmart Schools Guide [PDF]
The purpose of this guide, prepared by the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA), is to provide primary school teachers with accurate knowledge and information.

WebShade is a website about taking the guesswork out of shade planning, making outdoor environments sun-safe and comfortable, reducing the risk of skin cancer, and enabling improved property management.

WebShade ShadeAudit
The Shade Audit is a planning process that allows organisations with outdoor facilities to determine the solar risk of outdoor activities and to ensure they are providing adequate and effective shade. It is recommended by the Australian Cancer Council as the best way to plan outdoor spaces so as to minimise the risk of over exposure to UV radiation.

SunSmart schools
The SunSmart schools website provides information for teachers, students and parents on how to be SunSmart.

SunSmart schools programme
The purpose of the programme is to promote comprehensive sun protection policies and practices in schools to reduce children’s exposure to UV radiation and their risk of skin cancer.