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Skin Cancer Awareness Month
Find out more about solar UVR, skin cancer and prevention by viewing a presentation by Dr Caradee Wright.

US Surgeon General's Report
There was a significant announcement in the USA with the release of the US Surgeon General's report on the prevention of skin cancer. This report will hopefully encourage increased investment in skin cancer prevention in North America. Download the report

Poster: Be SunSmart [PDF]
This poster offers quick guidelines on how to stay safe in the sun. If you would like an original full size poster, please email your request to Caradee Wright.

Research projects available
The SunSmart Research Programme and Lab has many research projects available for postgraduate studies (Honours, Masters, PhD and Post-doctoral). Fields of research include sun exposure and behaviour, human health impacts, solar UV radiation monitoring and analysis, sunscreens, etc.

Published research articles
A database of published research articles has been initiated and applicable contributions are welcome. Please submit your article via email to info@ehrn.co.za for consideration.

Download a Register of Multicomponent UV Protection programs compiled by the Cancer Council Victoria.

Research roadmap

To advance the knowledge field of solar ultraviolet radiation and human health, and to provide empirical evidence and support systems for prevention of the associated diseases, a research roadmap was developed.